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Custom Clearance

Despite recent upgrades and introduction of electronic system for clearance for goods, documentation in India continues to be complex and tedious task. Expeditious customs clearance of cargo therefore requires an expert hand well-

versed with the ins and outs of the complexities of documentation and paperwork.

We deal with Customs and all other government agencies on behalf of your company to obtain the fastest possible clearance into India. We file entries electronically with Customs and will ensure all other government agency requirements are met preventing delays at the port when your goods arrive.
We have the required expertise for customs clearance we cater to customers across all industry segments like engineering, chemical, steel, project, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.
We bring our vast experience in generating all necessary documentation quickly and accurately for assured schedule management when importing or exporting goods as it is necessary to clear the goods from customs, pay taxes and duties, and abide by various regulations. We provide rapid, efficient customs clearance and smooth preparation of time consuming import and export documentation.